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Who made your product?

In a world filled with fast fashion, we are getting increasingly disconnected from the sources and the impact of clothing we wear. We need to rethink about what messages and values do we want to carry around our body. At IKIGAAI, one of our core efforts has always been to foster mindful consumption by blending beautiful style, luxurious fibres and unique craftsmanship by our local artisans in Nepal.

Together we can build a socially responsible world that looks great on you and has a positive impact on the humans involved in the production and the planet. Wear the change you wish to see in this world. Here are the snapshots of some of our proud artisans who you've helped empower with your mindful decision

EXQUISITE CRAFTSMANSHIP from artisans continuing their proud heritage of craftsmanship.

NATURAL MATERIALS from nomadic herders living in close relation with nature in the Himalayas.

They come from the mountain goats, yaks and sheep raised around the mountains of Nepal and plateaus of Inner Mongolia. These animals are very important to the animal herders who live in harmony with these animals generating mutual benefit for one another.