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Artisans in Focus

We're on the mission to blend three unique worlds- cosy aesthetics and hygge philosophy from Scandinavia, exquisite ethical craftsmanship from Nepal and mindful philosophy of ikigaai from Japan. Empowering talented artisans and their craftsmanship from the developing world is a very important pillar on which we build ourselves. This has been the guiding star for our co-founders Raju and Irma who embedded sustainability considerations right from the start to build a more responsible and equitable world. In this piece, we would like to highlight some of the artisans whom we've helped empower through your support with any mindful purchases from IKIGAAI. Thank you all so much; this inspires us to do even greater things to make impact that truly matters to the world and we'll engage you in the process.

Ambika wishes that more people see her craftsmanship and effort.

Ambika moved to Kathmandu valley in search of a job. Through this job, she feels empowered and can run the house efficiently and does not depend on her husband for money. She is enthusiastic and highly detailed in her work and does a lot of finishing touches to knitwear scarves and ponchos. She wishes that she can continually grow through this job, and wishes that more and more people appreciate the value of mindful consumption.

Savitra dreams of aspiring future for her children

A mother of 2 children, Savitra and her husband work very hard to support the whole family including their parents. She weaves the manually controlled knitting process. She goes back to visit her parents in the village once a year during the annual festival celebrations. She is working hard to support her children's education, and hopes that her children could become an important person such as a doctor who can make a positive impact in the local community.

Anita shows that resilience and effort can create impact in our lives

Anita is a young woman who lives with her parents and supports her parents due to her independent and hard working attitude. She is involved in stitching different parts of the knitted parts of the accessories together. Due to her curiosity she picked up some english words and practiced them with me. During her spare time, she like to make momo ( a local dumpling dish) with friends and family.

During the April 2015 earthquake, she and her family lived in a temporary shelter, but everything changed after she got the job in the post-earthquake recovery phase. In the future she hopes she can afford to build a small house for her family.

With your help, we can help empower more artisans like Ambika, Savitra and Anita to help build a more socially responsible world. We will try to share the stories of many more artisans and their stories through our monthly newsletter, Instagram and Facebook. Stay tuned and do subscribe us below to know more about the full transparency of the supply chain of the products you put in your closet.


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