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You are our Heroes, and your word means a world to us.

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What our Heroes like the most about us

I have received my order on Saturday already and I am more than happy about the products! Love the colors and the finishes. I bought one for my mum and she is also more than happy.

Lukas M.

So excited to have these hand made items made half way around the world, to bring more mindfulness at my home in California.

Lindsey H.

Quality, sustainability. Love your products.

Bitten A.

The woolen scarves are of a light airy quality comfortable to the skin. Furthermore they have a beautiful combination of colours. Make more!

Janne K.

The beautiful woven textiles


I love both the kimono and the yak muffler! I bought them in the fall and have been using them a lot. They both look great, and especially the muffler is so soft and comfortable.

Giulia N.

Beautifully made products and Excellent customer service. It was a real charm for 2020 Christmas celebrations. I'll be back again :)

James W.

The fantastic friendliness, the sustainable and lovely products.

Monica Ann Lee

The high quality and the social responsibility.


The service of Raju Gurung, the product and the story behind.

Monica Ann Lee

The beautiful handwoven textiles and a very kind service


The feeling of carrying a handcrafted super nice scarf with an additional feel-good aura for a few days until my son (of the age 20) borrowed it - for what I now know is on a permanent basis! So #1 on my wish list for Christmas..

Christian V.

Minimalistic style, product as described and good value for money as the handmade feel is simply great.

Stine L.

The quality and softness.

Bitten A.

I sooo enjoy the lovely cashmere blanket I purchased - it’s simple the best!!! And when I wanted to buy one for my mom’s birthday it was delivered to my door ti make sure she got it in time!! You guys are amazing!


Woollen Cape Dress.


My Best scarf ever!!! I just love it! Cannot wait for designer forum!

Kathrin H.

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