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IKIGAAI by Planetlocal Social Impact Sto

What the world needs

We live in an unequal world where far too many women and artisans in the developing world have no equal access to opportunities. On the other hand, the rise in mass consumption has put enormous strain on our planet and people. We believe the world would be a better place if we created inclusive and equal societies through responsible and impactful choices, through fewer better choices.

What we love

We are a group of experienced individuals who have a shared passion for expanding humanity through design, craftsmanship and life philosophies. We love to see you grow, thrive and find your IKIGAAI- your reason for waking up in the morning. For us, our IKIGAAI is to create opportunities and to empower local artisans and women in the developing world.
3000px-IKIGAAI_Exquisite Handmade Merino
HYGGE XL Herringbone Cashmere Blanket- I

What we are good at

Our founders have over 10 years of experience working closely with local artisans and women in the Himalayan and Southeast Asia region to deliver projects for clients in Europe and Americas. We are specialists in using carefully selected textiles to create timeless cosy products that add meaning and smiles to your lives.

What we can be paid for

We believe in changing lives through dignified jobs. Thats why we empower our artisans with deep respect for their creativity and skills. Safe working conditions are ensured and they are paid fair wages so we can help them build a better future for their families. We hope you'll support projects like ours for a socially responsible world.