What we love

Our Ikigaai- our reason for being.

We are a group of creative entrepreneurs who have a unified passion for creating unique accessories and clothing. We love to add art & craftsmanship in your lives and to build a beautiful world where we all make responsible & meaningful purchases. 

What we are good at

We've a combined 15 years experience in producing handmade goods. Fashion is a simple way of saying complicated things. So, we constantly rethink traditional designs to create unique and functional accessories and clothing that blend style, function and social impact.

Our Ikigaai- our reason for being.

In the face of mass consumption, the world needs empowered and mindful consumers. The world also needs to include developing countries into the equation of globalisation and rethink how we can foster sustainable development.

What the world needs

Our Ikigaai- our reason for being.

What we can be paid for

We believe in changing lives through dignified jobs. Thats why we empower our artisans with deep respect for their creativity and skills. Safe working conditions are ensured and they are paid fair wages so we can help them build a better future for their families. We hope you'll support projects like ours for a socially responsible world.

Our Ikigaai- our reason for being.

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IKIGAAI by Planetlocal blends style, purpose & social impact to produce unique, mindful apparel, accessories and hygge blankets using skilled craftsmanship and the finest materials- best cashmere, extra fine merino and sheep wool.

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