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Podcast: On finding your personal ikigaai

IKIGAAI stems from the Japanese concept that directly translates into "reason for being" or "the reason for which you wake in the morning". During these strange uncertain times, we were reflecting on our own ikigaai and have been uncovering some truths about ourselves and thinking about how far we've come and how far we've yet to go.

In hopes that I can inspire some of you to think deeper about what makes you you and what ticks you, I thought it is worth sharing this podcast from a while back. I sat down with Alex Felman and James Digby at Startup42 Media, where I shared my story of my journey from the mountainous village in the Himalayas of Nepal, through to Europe in Germany and Denmark. I gave some insights on how several opportunities and experiences along my life journey made me find my personal ikigaai. I hope they enable some reflections on how to start your path towards your own personal ikigaai. Take care, and enjoy.

Kind regards, Raju


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